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Homemade Playdough; no cook, no tartar, no hassle

Making homemade playdough saves money, and means that as soon as your existing supplies go past the point of no return, you can bin them and start again. Involving children in making their homemade playdough is also a great activity in and of itself.

*snap* A nifty PSED activity to try

Here's an idea for using a modern concept to explore childrens' PSED progress, without having to actually use technology. Follow our simple step-by-step guide to have a go at this PSED activity today...

Summer fun; ocean foam sensory play

When there's beautiful weather and that summer feeling in the air, there's nothing better than taking sensory play outside. We've got this great foam sensory play activity to take ocean themed water play to the next level.

Aaargh me hearties, it's time for an early years maths activity

Developing an engaging early years maths activity can be a challenge. Our simple story-telling activity can be used to explore a variety of maths skills with a range of ages.

It's time for a DIY story

A number of the first reading milestones focus on children's imagination, and their interest in stories, books and illustrations. This reading activity is about turning story time into a collaborative exercise in imagination and creativity.

Learning at the Car Wash

It's one of those old-school, Sunday afternoon with Mum or Dad memories. A bucket of water, a hose pipe, a sponge, and a dirty car to clean. Break this family chore down as an EY professional, and it turns out to be a versatile and engaging activity.

Starry Night Inspiration

When you think of a Van Gogh activity, "Sunflowers" - the classic masterpiece studied by students throughout their education - probably comes to mind. Here, his equally exquisite "Starry Night" is used as the basis for children's creative expression

How do they feel?

This activity takes familiar characters, and uses them to explore emotions and children's progress in a surprisingly wide range of areas.

The toys need a hero with super-maths-powers

Using a handful of resources you can create a great game that can be enjoyed by children throughout the early years. Whilst it's predominantly a maths activity, there are opportunities for younger children to develop their fine motor control too.

Secret letters literacy activity

This secret letters literacy activity is all about encouraging children to get excited about letters. It also gives them the opportunity to recognise some letters, if they're able.

Outdoor maths activity with homemade scales

This outdoor maths activity has boundless opportunities for exploration and extensions. Starting from a simple set of homemade scales, children are able to expand their ideas of measurement using a range of outdoor resources.

Celebrating Chinese New Year with Hong Poas

Chinese New Year is traditionally about celebrating the end of winter, generating as much good luck as possible and scaring away bad spirits. Join in at your early years setting with "hong paos" or lucky red envelopes

Make Your Own Outdoor Music Wall

This outdoor music wall/fence is fab, and if you choose the right spot, it could be a good way to engage children outdoors, without getting in the mud.

An Eggvestigation Into Race

The fact that people look different from one another is often fascinating to young children, but conversations about race can make adults feel uncomforable. This activity provides some simple but effective ways to have important conversations

Finger-Print Love Heart Fridge Magnets

Take finger-painting to the next level with this activity by make beautiful love heart fridge magnets for children to take home. Ideal for Valentines Day craft!

Making Pancakes With Young Children

Cover Communication & Language, Physical Development & Mathematics milestones in this classic cooking activity of preparing pancakes! Perfect for Shrove Tuesday

Feeling Fruity Sensory Exploring

The early stages of a child's understanding of the world centres on sensory experiences. In this activity we use fruit and vegetables in different forms to explore touch, smell, taste and sight

Celebrate St David's Day with Love Spoons

Celebrate St David's Day by making these early years version of traditional Welsh Love Spoons

Mark Making with Natural Paints

Unleash children's creative expression with this outdoor activity using natural paints made from fruit, herbs, coffee and more!

Sticky Windows, Literacy Fun

An easy homemade resource which you can use over and over again. A great way for children to create stories and pictures, mess free!

Exploring The Life All Around Us

The world around us if full of different life; insects, animals, birds and plants. Take the time to properly examine what living things you can find in the natural environment at your setting. Great for World Wildlife Day