The Science of Child Development

A collection of articles which explore the way children development, in scientific detail

How do children learn to walk?

Think about walking. It is a stunningly complex process involving limbs, eyes, ears and brain in perfect combination. In this article we explore how children learn to master this skill in the first years of their life.

Early Years Sight Development

The human eye, our ability to see and the fact that we can comprehend the world around us is truly amazing. Sight underpins so much of the learning and development a child undertakes in the early years.

When does a lefty become a lefty?

11% of humans prefer to use their left hand over their right. Why that should be so, and how it impacts early years practice is explored in this article.

Early Years Sleep Requirements

Supporting families as they manage their children's sleep routines is a big part of being an early years professional. Parents are often anxious to understand what is "normal", and so being equipped with some basic advice can be really helpful.

How Children Learn English as Additional Language

Children who are learning English as an additional language will generally move through a series of 8 phases of development