Tough Questions Children Ask

The imagination and excitement of young children is one of the joys of a career in Early Years. There are times when the questions they ask can be hard to answer. In this series of articles, we share answers to the toughest questions around.

Why is the sky blue?

Why is the sky blue? It's a perfectly reasonable, even obvious question, but do you know the answer? Even if you do, thinking of an effective way to explain the answer to the youngest of children represents a much larger challenge

Where do babies come from?

When it comes to difficult questions children ask, this is the absolute classic. "Where do babies come from?". Tackling these questions can be daunting, and need to be handled very carefully.

How do birds fly?

It’s a perfectly logical question from a young child to ask, “how do birds fly?”. Do you know the answer?

Why are some people rich?

Especially if you work in a setting which draws children from a variety of home backgrounds, you may find yourself faced with the tricky question; “why are some people rich?”

Do fish sleep?

A big part of a child’s life is sleep, so it’s a perfectly reasonable question to wonder if other things sleep like them.