The Carrot Cake Catastrophe

It's Mummy's birthday and Jenny and Grandad are making a surprise for her: a delicious carrot cake... well, that is what they thought was going to happen. When Grandad's eye sight turn blurry due to his glasses, he puts the wrong ingredients in!

Soap instead of butter. Salt instead of sugar. Carrots going into the mixture whole rather than being grated . Walnuts going in whole rather than being cut open, and egg shells! It starts to look like a catastrophe!

Jenny leads her Mummy into the gardens and it is full of beautiful birds. And it just so happens that Mummy has got a carrot cake - the correct version!

This story is great for children to remember what does go into a cake. At the back of the book there is also a recipe to bake a carrot cake, which is great to stimulate children's senses, as well as developing their mathematical concepts.

A great book with lots of humor. Highly recommend!

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