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Three Different Ideas for a Sensory Basket

Here are three different baskets you can prepare, along with links to the items you might need.

A sensory basket can be excellent resources to encourage independent play. They can be used for young children to individually explore new shapes, textures and colours. Or, they can offer a selection of unusual objects for a group of children to share and experiment with together. Here are three different baskets you can prepare, along with links to the items you might need...

Baby Spider-Web Discovery

This basket makes use of the toys you already have in your baby room, rather than needing to source additional resources. By introducing a spider-web in a basket, you can provide your youngest children a new way to explore their toys, and develop their motor skills.

You will need...

...a washing basket with plenty of holes in the side

...some string

The basket can be prepared by criss-crossing the string across the basket to create a web. Make sure the string is kept taught, and decide how complex to make the web according to the children who will be using this resource. Place 5 - 6 toys in the bottom of the basket, and allow children to experiment with how to remove them through the web.

Plastic-Free Sensory Basket

So many of the toys and resources made for use in early years settings are plastic. A special basket full of wooden and other natural resources makes a nice change, and allows children to encounter some items and textures they wouldn't usually.

Picnic in the Woods
Photographer: Annie Spratt | Source: Unsplash

You will need...

...a wicker basket

...a selection of wooden kitchen tools

...some natural sponges

...a couple of shaving brushes

...some wooden balls (please be choking hazard aware!)

...some wicker shapes

...a handful of pine cones (collect these from the forrest if you can)

...a handful of seashells (collect these from the sea if you can)

Shiny Metal Sensory Basket

There is something especially enticing to children about metal objects. They're shiny, they make a great sound when you bash them, and they're cool to the touch. Here are some options of things you could include in a metal-only sensory basket.

Photographer: Andrew "Donovan" Valdivia | Source: Unsplash

You will need...

...a metal basket or large metal bowl

...some different sized whisks

...a set of measuring spoons (these work best separated from their keyring)

...a metal jug

...a handful of vintage keys

...a short length of shower hose