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Our Mission
“To increase the positive impact of early childhood care and education by INFORMING, EQUIPPING and EMPOWERING sector professionals”

Whatever our role in early years, we all share one objective: to give as many children as we can the best possible start in their young lives.

This means delivering to the best of our abilities in terms of their care, safety, development, relationships and happiness. Unfortunately, for many reasons, delivering on this duty is harder than it should be.

We do not live in a perfect world. Money doesn’t grow on trees and we cannot start and stop time at will.

Parents are under huge financial pressure, with their choice of childcare provider often directly linked to the pay they can earn, at a job they can only do, by making use of that same childcare provision. The result? Many of us experience relationships with parents which are strained before they even begin as a result of unacknowledged feelings of guilt and resentment at the situation.

Meanwhile the state, with all of its well-intentioned focus on giving all children an equal shot at thriving in life, layers burdensome regulations, reports, and constraints in the laps of early childhood educators in a bid to achieve progress at a macro, generational level. Anyone who has spent time working at the heart of an early years setting has experienced the fundamental divergence between a policy which serves the good of a generation, from the practical reality which serves the individual child.

Providers constantly battle with the competing challenges of parents and their feelings, regulators and their policies, fundamental economic flaws and chronic staffing issues.

Meanwhile you, the early years professional, are stuck in the middle, trying to meet every child’s need, yet often without the resources, tools or support to do so.

This is why we are here. That Nursery Life is here for you: the early years professional caught between a rock and a hard place. You want to be the best professional that you can be, there to support and nurture children’s development to the utmost, and we are here to help you get the support and tools that you need.

From training and knowledge hubs, simple explainers, detailed summaries, product reviews, activity plans, practical how-to guides, and thought-provoking insights from sector leaders, to a burgeoning community of practice and mutual support, we are building the platform that will help you in your day-to-day and remind you why you wanted to do this wonderful job in the first place.

From the apprentice joining a nursery for the first time, to the seasoned manager juggling one thousand concerns as they lead a setting, we will provide the support and tools to help you in your practice today, and to progress your career for tomorrow.

Experts all agree that better qualified, healthier and happier professionals make the biggest difference in achieving the best outcomes for children. We are here to support early years professionals like you in your training, day-to-day work, and career development. We are here to advocate for the sector and to share knowledge, helping early years professionals to achieve their ambitions and deliver the highest quality teaching and care.

Our mission is to increase the positive impact of early childhood care and education by informing, equipping and empowering sector professionals