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Healthy New Year! Six Early Years Books to Break Down Gender Barriers

As we go into 2021, TNL want to help encourage all Early Years practitioners to value and promote their own physical and mental good health, the health of the children they care for, and to inspire good habits early and start the year right!

Working within Early Years nowadays, we know how diverse children’s interests are and how irrelevant the old ‘boys play with trucks, girls play with dolls’ view of the world can be. It’s important to demonstrate to our children, early on, that they don’t have to fit into a certain mould and can be exactly who they want to be.

With that in mind, TNL have put together a list of Early Years books to help break down those gender barriers and make us question our assumptions every day.

Are You a Boy or Are You a Girl?

This adorable book by Sarah Savage centres on Tiny, a child who loves dressing up as pirates, fairies and more, but doesn’t like to tell people their gender.

Are You a Boy or Are You a Girl?

Julian Is a Mermaid

Jessica Love tells the story of the day Julian sees three women in fabulous fishtail dresses, and decides he wants to dress up just like them!

Julian Is a Mermaid

Clive and his Babies

Clive shows that boys can play with dolls, too, in this delightful book by Jessica Spanyol.

Baking with Dad

Aurora Cacciapuoti shows that dads can be just as domestic as mums in the brilliant Baking with Dad.

My Dad Used To Be So Cool

Another great story breaking down masculine stereotypes, by Keith Negley.

Dream Big, Little Leader

Vashti Harrison’s inspiring book shows that children of any gender or ethnicity can grown up to be anything they want to be!

Dream Big Little Leader