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Healthy New Year: Positivity

As we leave what has possibly been the hardest year, collectively, for all of us, now is the time to lay plans for a healthier, happier New Year. But when we say healthy, we don’t mean diets or gym memberships. It is just as important to take care of your mental health, happiness and wellbeing.

Sunset Strip sidewalk sign
Photographer: MARK ADRIANE | Source: Unsplash

A positive attitude is essential for motivating and encouraging young children but, if you’re not already feeling positive, forcing it can make us feel worse. So how can we naturally improve our mood and generate that positivity and ensure we are in the best spirit to do our best work?

Be conscious

All too often we can fall into auto-pilot mode, just going through the motions to get through another day. When this happens we can often forget to think about what we want from the day, or what we’re working towards. Taking five minutes in a morning to think about the day before — good things that happened and what you’ve learned — or the day ahead — intentions and what to look forward to — can help you pay more attention to the good moments. Why not try a journal? The One Day at a Time planner from starts your morning by writing goals for the day ahead and has weekly and monthly reflections, along with a ‘best thing about today’ section, to encourage a more positive outlook.

Say yes

How often do we tell ourselves ‘no’? Sometimes it’s a good word, e.g declining that extra slice of cake or saving yourself from your seventh Zoom quiz this week, but sometimes it’s because we’re stuck in old habits and limiting ourselves. Perhaps there was a promising opportunity at work, but you said no because you didn’t think you’d be good at it. Maybe you had a great idea for an Early Years activity but didn’t think it was worth bringing up to the rest of the team? (Now you tell me! Ed.)

The next time you say ‘no’ to something, check why you are saying it and if it could, actually, be a ‘yes!

Photo by rizki ramadhan on Unsplash

Take Note

Another great idea for promoting a more positive attitude is a Thankfulness Box. Find a box and place it somewhere handy along with some pieces of scrap paper or post-its and, whenever something good happens, write it down and put it in the box! This could be applied to your Early Years setting or home (or both!) but, as long as you keep it up, you’ll have a great time at the end of the month or year when you open the box and relive those happy moments. Getting into the habit of looking for positivity means you will find it more and, in turn, feel more positive throughout your day!

These are just a smattering of ideas that we are going to practice going into the year ahead.

Do you have tips for ensuring a healthier, happier 2021? Get in touch on socials with #TNLHealthyNY