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Five Beautiful Tuff Spot Activities for Small World Play

There are unending different ways to use Tuff Spots, but it's easy to get stuck in a tuff-spot (geddit?!) and run out of ideas. Here are five of our favourite tuff spot ideas which you can use this week...

Tuff spots are fantastic tools for creating, and at least partially containing, small world activities. There are unending different ways to use them, but it's easy to get stuck in a tuff-spot (get it?!) and run out of ideas. Here are five of our favourite tuff spot activities which you can use this week...

Dinosaur Park

Have you got a tray of small world dinosaurs who spend too much time on a small world farm? This extraordinary tuff spot version of Jurassic Park is deceptively simple to recreate. Off-cuts of artificial grass, water beads, split peas and lentils form the different ground types, and a small collection of plastic plants become a jungle.

Reflective Play

Purchasing a mirror insert for your tuff spot can unlock a whole new world of sensory play. Adding shiny household items from the kitchen to combine sight and sound is a good start. Alternatively, take your mirrored tray into a dark room with torches, and a collection of reflective objects to have fun making different lights dance around the room.

Water Play Plus

Water play is a stalwart of tuff spot activities. The simple addition of some buckets, jugs and lengths of drainpipe can introduce a range of new experiences. Encourage the children to problem solve ways to move water from one container to another. Offer them jugs with holes in the bottom to challenge them further! Younger children will enjoy making little boats flow down a pipe from a tuff spot to a bucket.

Painting for Giants

Taking a familiar experience, like mixing paints in a small tray, and increasing the size of everything involved is great for children's sensory and physical development alike. Why not try turning your tuff spot into a giant paint mixing tray, and ask the children to paint using some giant tools. You can purchase ready made ones, or get creative with some old broom handles & sponges.

Bring the Garden Inside

There are many reasons that you might not have access to outdoor growing space. Filling your tuff spot with compost will transform it into an indoor flower bed. What's more, a tuff spot is easier for more children to access together. Take a look at these edible options which don't require too much soil depth to get you started.

As a bonus reward for reading all the way to the end - check out this link to a place you can get a tuff spot for under £10!