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Book Review: Keep an Eye on Ivy

Keep an Eye on Ivy by Barroux

Published by: Thames & Hudson

Keep an Eye on Ivy!

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Keep and Eye on Ivy is a unique and creative story that readers of any age will revel in. The distinctive and quirky illustrations set a marvellous scene for a fun adventure, one with an unexpected surprise towards the end.

The tale is told from the perspective of a young boy who celebrates his birthday and reveals that his favourite present was a plant called Ivy. Ivy starts off as a small, seemingly average house plant, but strange goings on soon seem to happen around her.

As the young boy keeps up with his busy schedule of judo class, completing homework and play, he entrusts his family members to keep an eye on his most precious possession, Ivy. With each passing day Ivy slowly becomes bigger and bigger until eventually she is occupying what seems to be his entire home. The young boy’s family members are also disappearing one by one as Ivy grows in stature!

He soon finds himself alone with Ivy, at which point a shocking incident occurs...

Ivy pops out of the page and eats him up! Lo and behold he finds his family within Ivy’s tummy, and they find their way out so that they may explain to Ivy what she should and should not be eating.

This fun and easy to follow book contains splendid imagery and an unforeseen 3D pop-up page, and will leave a lasting impression on young readers, as well as providing a new and amusing perspective on house plants!