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5 Top Tips to Start the Day Right
  1. Wake up early. This is so you can do your morning routine calmly.
  2. Be thankful. Think of something positive and smile. This produces your happy hormones that will help get you started on a positive mindset for the day. This can include meditation and prayer.
  3. Make your bed. Start your day off right by doing the first task of the day. Little things matter and lead to the bigger things getting done. Plus it's nice to come home to a made bed.
  4. Drink warm lemon water. It gets your digestive system moving, is good for your liver and skin health and helps protect you from catching a cold.
  5. Eat a healthy breakfast. This includes lean proteins (egg whites and Greek yogurt), whole grains (oats, whole wheat and buckwheat), healthy fats (avocados, whole eggs, nuts and chia seeds). You will have better focus and concentration throughout the day and will have more energy.

Here are some things I enjoy for breakfast...

Egg Cups

Place a handful of ingredients into the sections of a muffin tray, and add a beaten mixed egg to each one. Bake them until the egg is set. I include a mixture of mushrooms, red onions, tomatoes, spinach, broccoli and red pepper. You can also add cheese or ham. These can be made in advance and eat them cold.

Plant Protein Blueberry Pancakes

Made with a mix of protein powder, eggs and a banana, plus some blueberries. Add a bit of maple syrup for more sweetness if you like.

Plant Protein Porridge

Porridge made with oats, chia seeds or flax seeds, mixed with a handful of fruit or berries.

Your morning habits can make or break your day.

Start your day right, energise yourself and flourish successfully by creating good morning habits.

This article was written by Joanne Dyche, a health coach with a focus on supporting educators