Activity Plan

Trying Foods

Here’s an idea that encourages children to try new foods and flavours and explore their health and self-care development. It can be used for individual children or a small group of 2-5. NOTE: this activity may not be appropriate for “fussy" eaters.

General Information

Is this the moment to change the direction of Early Years?

June O'Sullivan MBE explores whether now represents a revolutionary opportunity to tackle the biggest issues facing the Early Years sector — from professional development and esteem through to our view of childhood.

Activity Plan

Building Blocks

Here's an idea for allowing younger children to work on and develop their sensory movement! This activity is designed to help with motor skills and key sensory movement. It can be used for single children or a small group of 2-5.

Activity Plan

Homemade Playdough; no cook, no tartar, no hassle

Making homemade playdough saves money, and means that as soon as your existing supplies go past the point of no return, you can bin them and start again. Involving children in making their homemade playdough is also a great activity in and of itself.

Case Study

Early Years Diary 2 - Covid's Impact on Children in Setting

In October's edition of the Early Years Diary, Anna McCallum thinks about the impact of the current crisis on the children in our settings.

Activity Plan

Doll Story

Here's an idea for encouraging children to tell stories or imaginary scenarios, all while exploring their PSED progress. This activity can be used for single children or a small group of 2-5.

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